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Client Comments & Testimonies

Here are a few testimonials from our moany satisfied clients. Please contact us for additional references.

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"First impression - beautiful WOW what a difference, thank you for all the extra marketing advice as well. That's awesome Broadband Media - it looks beautiful. Thanks for the great work ..., far exceeded our expectations."

"Gosh you are efficient, which is very refreshing."

"We have seen a massive increase in the web business we have received from our new site. Whereas we were previously receiving a very occasional order from existing clients our business has increased significantly from new web related orders... Just today we have had 2 Xmas orders from companies from google referred users. One was worth $2,500!"

» Dianne, DiversityGifts


"Our first year target was 50 new clients, but we've managed to reach that by the 8th month. None before, but now we are getting a fair number of leads direct from the web." (

» Ian, PTO Sales, CountryNet Solutions


"I have been a very difficult client. I was ignorant of what was necessary for a web site to run efficiently, that is to load quickly and be user friendly, and had fixed ideas for what I wanted from my website. Throughout the creation process, Broadband Media of Broadband Media was patient with my learning curve, made every effort to accommodate my needs but remained firm about doing the right thing to make sure I got both the website I wanted and a website that was web efficient. Since its completion he has handled all my hiccups with prompt remedies and I've had no problems with hosting. Now, I'm a happy client."

» Julie ,Unique Book Hunting


"I often get clients who tell me how easy my website is to use."

"Thank you for quick attention to my support issues... you have done a very thorough job. I appreciate the time you have taken and the diligence you have displayed ...."

» Lewis, Hair Health & Beauty Professional


"I LOVE the MaxOutYourMedia site... it works! it looks funky yet professional... well done"

"It's brilliant, by the way - that's fabulous! THANK YOU" (

» Wendy, McQuillan Enterprises


"Yes, that looks great ! Nice job." (

» Carlo, Emona TIMS


"Thanks for getting it done so quickly and the great support... we are stoked that its up and running.. and will start promoting asap. It looks great !" (

» Alfred, Emona Instruments


" Broadband Media is able to take a wish-list of random ideas and produce professional websites that have not only attracted many compliments from clients, but have also gained new customers.

Broadband Media has always maintained all our sites to our complete satisfaction. Three of our businesses are run solely online, and therefore require a high standard of attention to detail and quick response should something be needed.
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Last year I was very pleased with the results of selling a business on the strength of the website. (

Broadband Media has also been generous in producing and hosting a charity website for our organisation. (

On a personal note, my husband and I have known Garth in a professional capacity for over 10 years and always found him to be extremely trustworthy, reliable, and cost-efficient. He has an attitude of excellence and I am well pleased with the work he has done for us.

I thoroughly recommend Broadband Media to you as an asset to any large company or small business that requires an effective and attractive website."

» Wendy, McQuillan Enterprises


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